Mixed Media, Illustration, Sketching,  Painting, Photography, Graphic Design, Motion Design, Tattoo Design, Animation, Performing Arts, Visual Arts.

Are you an artist ready to kick off next level?

Skillful artist promotion and art management can help you get your art into any art gallery, increase your budget and market your work successfully. The struggle is real, but so is Blink Berlin.

Talented artists from across the globe who'd like to grow your career can now submit.

Blink Berlin offers full management services for artists already breaking or established. 

  • Booking of Exhibitions & Art Events in Berlin, Athens, Amsterdam & Paris
  • Promo Material (Shootings, Interviews, Project based Campaigns)
  • Social Media & Marketing
  • Press Support & professional advices
Submission Qualifications:
  • You own the copyrights of your work
  • You are based in Berlin / Athens / Amsterdam / Paris
  • You can share with us links to your artist social networks (Website, Instagram, etc)

Fill in the following form. If your work inspires us, you will be invited to a meeting with our Art Director. Good luck!

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