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Our vision is to highlight and empower a wide range of visual artists by sharing inspiring work of Art. If you are an artist and want to exhibit your work, here is your chance.

Submit your Art and be one of our featured artists exhibiting your work in our VR Gallery. Featured artists can also enjoy additional benefits such as include their Artworks in the Art Shop & let their work get printed and shipped by our print & package service for free.

For those benefits there is an one-time fee of 10€ for 6 months.

You earn a 50% total commission each time someone buys your Artwork.

>> Requirements >>

  • Your work has to be in one of the following categories: Photography/ Drawing/ Painting/ Collage-Mixed Media/ Illustration/ Graphic Design
  • Your work has to be made by you and may not be resold somewhere else in order be featured in our Art Shop. We include restrictedly exclusive limited Artworks.
  • You need to have a Paypal account.

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  • Fill in the form below and send us a PDF File with your work by Email.
* Please note that we need only 1 PDF in small size in order to review your work. If your work get selected, we will then contact you for further details.
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Name, Surname Age E-mail I am based in Website IG Profile
I do
Collage/Mixed Media
Graphic Design
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I submit my work for
VR Gallery >> 6 months >> one-time fee of 5€
VR Gallery & Art Shop >> 6 months >> one-time fee of 10€