Did you know the vibrational frequency of joy is 540?
Let your brainwaves get influenced by a part modular SYNTH PERFORMANCE by the US based artist Grant Bouvier.

Grant Bouvier is a sound/video artist, composer and technologist based out of Philadelphia, US. His art and research typically deals with topics in DIY Electronic Music, Instrument Design, dead Media Formats and Glitch Art, as well as Visual Aesthetics of Postdigitalism, Hauntology and Minimalism.





''A few years ago I fell in love with a girl and she didn’t knew. Nobody knew. Because I concealed my feelings and was trying to sort them out. My new song ‚Silhouette‘ originates from that time in my life where I felt like a misfit, where I felt like I have something to hide. I don’t wan‘t you to feel like this ever again so this song is for you. A little reminder that we all feel lost sometimes and that giving up would be the better solution. It isn’t.''





''We are here for the music. Our songs are avehicle for thoughts to move out of our minds and hopefully spark a familiar emotion in someone else's. We want to meet you wherever you are and take you somewhere else for a moment, make you dream, dance or think about that ex again in a way they don’t deserve. But that’s alright, we all do this from time to time.

Our new song Garlic Girl takes a different approach on connecting with a person. Through their odor. As a metaphor for anything that is not recognized at first glance. People can turn out to be a lot different to what you may first expect. A scent of garlic might turn into sweet apple pie, once you come to understand a person on another level.''