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BLINK ART WEEK aims to highlight talented diverse artists, regardless their background, sexuality and artistic style. Creativity has many sides and we are here to embrace some of those different ways of expression.
Six selected artists are experimenting with Optical Art, Mixed Media, Ink Drawing, Illustration and Line Art.

Lee Wagstaff |

Lee Wagstaff is a Berlin based artist, originally from London.

  He studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art in London and Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto, Japan. He has exhibited his body, large format photographic self-portraits and graphite works at art and performance venues worldwide. One performance was featured in the Ornament Und Abstraction show at the Beyeler Foundation, Basel, Switzerland and he was the first Western artist to be featured in the Art Annual, Kobe, Japan.



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Wake | Safe Space

Giorgos Beleveslis aka "Wake" (b. Greece 1985) is a Berlin-based street artist and architect focusing on painting, muralism and art installations.

  He holds a Master of Architecture (University of Thessaly) and a Master of Science in Urban Design (University of Applied Arts, Vienna) and has been an active member of the graffiti scene since 1999. His academic background has widen the range of his artistic discipline, with public space and the position of the human in it, remaining the core of his work.
Wake has participated in numerous art festivals and his work has been internationally showcased through group exhibitions in the field of urban art and architecture.
  His current work investigates the reconstruction of human anatomy through basic typologies in a workflow that blends the boundaries between digital drawing, technical drafting and painting. The new juxtaposition brings tension and distortion to the post-human protagonist who wanders in the modern lifestyle of high-speed and excessive information. Inevitably, Wake illustrates his escape through a narrative that unfolds the fundamental feelings of love, anger, loss and nostalgia.

  The series Safe Space was produced during the lockdown period of 2020-2021 and was inspired by O.Wilde's quote ''give man a mask and he shall tell you the truth''. This series of paintings consists of mutations or derivatives of an abstracted self-portrait and narrate the artist's transition from his given name and social identity to the creation of an imaginary persona, a safe space within which one renegotiates his limitations, seeking for meaningful self-reflection and self-fulfilment.
  A mask might be a physical barrier attributed to hiding our face and a symbolic apparatus to unveil the inside. A mask might reveal new ways of experiencing our -constantly in motion- memories of fluidity, defragmenting the timeline of our past. A mask might reshape the understanding of our presence.
A mask might be necessary, until it's not.


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Akurat Studio |

Akurat studio is a space that aims to bring together tattoers and other artists, mostly, but not only, visual.

''We are particularly interested in works that explore colors, shapes, and lines be it in an abstract, geometric manner or in a more illustrative style - works that are playful, dreamy, and transgress pre-defined ideas over what constitutes art and artistic process. We work with both, established tattoo artists, illustrators, and graphic designers and those who are at the beginning of their careers and whose work is captivating and magical. We are also invested in inviting artists from various parts of the world in order to build a broader community of people who share similar type of esthetics.''

Aga Kura 






Flx Nictinatie


Adam Kosik

Ada Zielińska


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Julia Katolla | The Origins of Life

Julia Katolla is an artist based in Germany.

  In her works she tends to play with the unpredictable outcomes of less controllable materials, while at the same time seeking symmetry and balance in the arbitrary. In search of her own truth, she oscillates between the beautiful and the ugly, the reasonable and the absurd.
Even though the issues addressed by her works come from personal experiences, the origins and interconnections of life in its collective sense are explored in a fundamental way.

  In her series The Origins of Life Katolla explores the process of mitosis as a common denominator between humans.

''From mitosis being the cell partitioning process for a human life to begin, to being the healing process of wounds and the generation of new neurons in our brain.''


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Annie Gendreau | Impression

Born in Quebec, Canada, Annie Gendreau has lived and worked across 4 countries, all contributing in her style, shaped and deeply influenced her work.
  Through expressive and textural work, she uses found materials collected around the world and carefully chosen to form a balance between the underlying and the exposed.Her intensive process involves multiple layers, where she dives in an exploration of shapes, lines, surfaces, balance and textures and uses a restricted palette to create harmony.  "Completely detached from an original image or subject, my work is characterized by the spontaneity in the movements and by responding to the painting as it evolves. I do not wish to search for motifs, but only experience and feelings. My work process is not subject to rigid rules and just follows the way of the subconscious, working in a flow state, where everything and everyone around me disappears, I am inside the painting."

Impression is deeply influenced by her recent move to a small medieval town. After an urban, city life, this change has affected her art style where a deeper connection to old walls, stones, streets paving and monuments from the past is revealed and created. The textures, colors and patterns have a visible impact on my work. 'Impression' is a sum of emotions, imagined stories and new beginnings.


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Clara Lemos | Walls of Berlin

Clara is a self-taught Portuguese artist currently based in Berlin.

  With a master's degree in nutrition sciences and a PhD in human biology, Clara has worked as a cancer researcher all her life. Despite being an art lover for as long as she can remember, it was not until the beginning of 2021 that she decided to create her own art. In the middle of a global pandemic and going through a period of maternity leave, Clara felt an immense need to cope with all the outside stress and anxiety and find a place of her own. Her art became her quest for inner balance.

  With a very young artistic career, Clara has already exhibited her work in several virtual exhibitions, had her physical exhibition debut in a Berlin gallery last May, and saw some of her artworks published in different Art Magazines.

  Clara's work is an attempt to express her subjective concept of beauty – it takes a great deal of inspiration from her emotional states, but also from the most ordinary and mundane little things. It is about giving context and meaning to all the forgotten details. She is particularly drawn to the imperfect beauty of the walls all over Berlin. Random marks, irregular textures, leftover paper, have all become key features of her work.

  Clara uses primarily acrylic paint, but she often adds other media to her paintings as well, including pencil, pastels, charcoal, and all kind of found materials such as fabric, cardboard, paper, thread. While she is very much drawn to black and white minimalism, her work is commonly enriched by texture and some spurs of color.


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Featured artists:

Lee Wagstaff, DE  | Optical Art

Wake, GR | Safe Space

Akurat Studio, DE |

Julia Katolla, DE | The Origins of Life

Annie Gendreau, DE | Impression

Clara Lemos, DE | Walls of Berlin

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Featured artists:

Lea Gieck, DE  | When the ordinary comes alive

Vian Borchert, US | Monochromatic Dreams

Chernaya Rechka, UA | Metamorphoses

Mika Springer | An other reality

Gerrit Köhler | A New Error

Pawel Pacholec, PL | Archival Collages

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Selected female Film Photographers experimenting with double-exposure, distortion, abstract layering, intense colors, nature and raw urban shots.

Featured Film Photographers:

• Tuane Eggers, Porto Alegre | There’s life everywhere

• Julia Forrest, Brooklyn | Illusion

• Alice Affre, Brussels | Voyeurisme Contemporain

• Elvira Akzigitova, Berlin | The other body - Light Graphics

• Elizabeth Rakhilkina, Austin | Nuclear

• Nino Memanishvili, Tbilisi | Various

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