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Lea Gieck, DE  | When the ordinary comes alive

Lea Gieck is a graphic designer and visual artist based in Berlin. She combines spirituality and designs in modern, psychedelic and highly colorful expressed way.

The series "When the ordinary comes alive" is about the realization that happiness is not always found in the extraordinary. Quite the reverse. The true beauty often lies in everyday life. Hidden in the inconspicuous and in the quiet. Especially in these times, when the outside is chaotic, unpredictable and monotones. Get in touch with life - with all its little nuances and its wide range of colors. It's an unfolding process.

"If you allow yourself to be enchated by the beauty to be seen in even ordinary things, then all things proved to be extraordinary." – Dean Koontz


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Vian Borchert, US | Monochromatic Dreams

Vian Borchert is an established award-winning contemporary expressionist artist. She has exhibited in many group and solo exhibitions within the USA and internationally. The National Gallery of Art in Amman, Jordan has her artwork in their permanent collection. Vian is a graduate and "Notable Alumni" from the Corcoran College of Art and Design George Washington University, Washington, DC. Borchert's art has been featured in a number of press such as The Washington Post, Artpil, Art Reveal magazine, Vie magazine and others.

In the "Monochromatic Dreams" series, V. Borchert presents her latest paintings where the artwork transforms into memories of past travels that have become almost like distant dreams. The paintings depict abstracted glimpses of NYC with its tall skyscrapers, its city streets while the fog and the mist take over the dreamy city. All of these elements mélange together in the artist's grayscale palette that becomes a metamorphosis turning the memories into monochromatic dreams.


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Chernaya Rechka, UA | Metamorphoses

Chernaya Rechka is an independent, almost self-tough artist from Ukraine. In her paintings she explores how reality falls asleep and myth comes in its place and how fine lines of definition of the existing and the fictional are defeated in this way.  All her artistic experience is based on an endless contemplation of the world.

The works included in the "Metamorphoses" series reflect the eternal flow of forms of matter, the interweaving of the existential meanings of everything on Earth. The motif of the monochrome song of "Metamorphoses"  tells about the illusory nature of consciousness. How often a logically built chain of life breaks through and we see a perfect inexplicable void that releases our mind into outer space. "Either I am awake, or I am dreaming" - our mind use to label our state by this definitions. But in reality, the "I" represented in us does not know a pause, does not know life and death - but knows the only and endless merger with the Universe. Whether you are a person, animal or a cloud in the sky - there is no clear border.  It seems that the vision exists separately from the seer, and you can familiarize yourself with the result of its independent existence in her works. 


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Mika Springer | An other reality

Mika Springer is a 21 years old young artist based in Hamburg. Photography has been one of his greatest source of expression. He aims nothing else but share the world through his eyes.

"An other reality" reflects the thought of how virtual-life has taken such a big part of our daily life, especially during the pandemic. There are less and less reasons for people to stick to reality as many prefer to enjoy and live in the digital world. Is staying home the new reality? For many of us, it might be, yes. This is a photographic trip through distance, connection and disconnection.


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Gerrit Köhler | A New Error

Gerrit Köhler, born 1998, creates visual artworks which connect classic analogue photography with generative techniques. Having worked in a camera rental store and as an assistant for high fashion photographers, his photography combines technical knowledge and digital aesthetics with the curiosity of experimenting with new media possibilities such as computer code, synthezisers, CRT TVs and other devices, which are used to manipulate and distort photographic materials to create a completely new space of abstract imaging.

The Series A New Errorconsists of analogue photographs documenting the build process of a modular synthesizer, which have been distorted until unrecognizable by said device.


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Pawel Pacholec, PL | Archival Collages

Pawel Pacholec works with collage technique putting much emphasis on composition and esthetic outcome where each element is placed carefully into position. He has been exhibited in the USA, Canada, China, Australia, the UK, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Israel, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Indonesia, Turkey, Kenya and Poland and has been published in many different magazines. He has studied arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (Poland).

The collages are inspired by artists such as Kurt Schwitters, Robert Rauschenberg, Raoul Hausmann and Georges Braque and it refers to the style of Dadaism.


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Selected female Film Photographers experimenting with double-exposure, distortion, abstract layering, intense colors, nature and raw urban shots.

Featured Film Photographers:

• Tuane Eggers, Porto Alegre | There’s life everywhere

• Julia Forrest, Brooklyn | Illusion

• Alice Affre, Brussels | Voyeurisme Contemporain

• Elvira Akzigitova, Berlin | The other body - Light Graphics

• Elizabeth Rakhilkina, Austin | Nuclear

• Nino Memanishvili, Tbilisi | Various

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